Are Tiny Homes Travel Friendly?

Are Tiny Homes Travel Friendly?



Because tiny houses are constructed on a trailer, they are often classified as recreational vehicles. However, not all tiny homes are RV certifiable just because they are built on wheels.

If you are interested in a tiny house on wheels, Decathlon Tiny Homes have what you are looking for.

What Is The Best Size For A Traveling Tiny House?

Tiny houses that are shorter are lighter in weight. If you plan on towing your tiny house, it is recommendable it does not exceed a length of 24 feet. A tiny house any heavier or bigger than this would prove to be unsafe for travel.

Can a Tiny House Double as an RV?

In some cases, a tiny home can be qualified to operate as a recreational vehicle. However, in order for a tiny house to meet qualifications, it must meet all regulations of the NHTSA.

Due to the portability of a tiny house, they can easily serve as an RV. If your tiny house has the appropriate distribution and weight, you will be able to transport it easily on the hitch of a truck to tow it. Yet, if a tiny home exceeds 8.5 feet in width, you are required to obtain a special towing permit.

Tiny Home vs RV?

In a recreational vehicle, the majority of living space is on one level. A tiny home can have two stories or a loft which allows for added space within the same amount of square footage. In addition, tiny homes are insulated better than recreational vehicles. Therefore, if you plan on living in harsh climates, the best option for comfort is a tiny home. 

The biggest reason one would choose a tiny home over an RV is space and size. There is more living space per square foot inside a tiny house than the typical RV has. Making the living areas more comfortable within a tiny house. Although the recreational vehicle has evolved over the years, it still lacks the feeling of home a tiny house offers. In addition, spacious, luxurious RVs cost a lot of money, some even costing as much as a traditional home.

For More Information About Living Tiny, Contact Us

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