Decathlon Tiny Homes Wins Best In Show

Decathlon Tiny Homes Wins Best In Show

Decathlon Tiny Homes Athena model was voted Best in Show at the Colorado Tiny House Festival in Brighton, CO., for 2023. The model, named Penelope, was designed by co-owner April Terry. Her thoughtful layout and design made the Penelope an inviting living space with plenty of space and light. What made Penelope so popular? Are you ready to look at tiny homes for sale in Colorado?

A Tiny Home is More Than a Mobile Home

A tiny home like the Athena Penelope is designed to fit on a trailer that’s 8.6′ wide and between 24′ to 32′ in length. This technically makes it a mobile home, but it has none of the style or features that are found in mobile homes. You can park a tiny home in short- or long-term parking spots with the necessary hookups, and even on your property provided you get the proper permits and permissions.

Tiny homes are designed to look like single-family homes, which makes communities more receptive to their use. They have a neat appearance and their interior layouts are more like that of a home than a mobile home. A tiny home can come with a single-floor living space or have a lofted area for additional room or storage. You can decorate the interior any way you like and make it feel like a permanent structure even though it rests on a trailer bed.

Fully Functional Interiors Keep You Comfortable

Tiny homes made by Decathlon Tiny Homes are designed to feel like a home that rests on a foundation. That means it has full-sized kitchens, and HVAC systems that cool and heat the entire house, bedrooms, and bathrooms with a shower and laundry machines. The only thing that’s needed to make the tiny home fully operable is a hookup to electricity, water, and drainage.

The homes are built using quality materials that help you maintain your interior comfort with little effort. Heat and cooling loss to the outside is minimal and keeps your utility bills low. The overall construction of a tiny home is sturdy, durable, and capable of resisting extreme weather the same as a full-sized home. You can shelter inside a tiny home during inclement weather and not feel like you’re going to get blown away.

Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

A tiny home from Decathlon Home is designed from the ground up to live like a full-sized home on a foundation. They look like a small ranch-style home and live like one. This type of housing works well as a granny flat for people who want to live semi-independently but be close to their families. Buyers can customize their tiny home to make it blend in with an existing structure and arrange the interior to meet the needs of the resident.

Why You Should Consider Tiny Home Living

Homeownership is wonderful until it isn’t. Rising property taxes, utility bills, maintenance and repair all take a toll on your finances. Renting an apartment is an alternative, but that can also get costly. A tiny home offers all the comforts of a full-size home but with a lot less maintenance and cost. Decathlon Homes seeks to design, build, and deliver tiny homes that have open floor plans, full-sized kitchens and appliances, and storage space for your essentials.

Contact Decathlon Tiny Homes Today to Learn More About Our Award-Winning Homes

Our team at Decathlon Tiny Homes is dedicated to building high-quality tiny houses that do more than just shelter you. We’re capable of building a tiny home that has modern amenities, custom decor, and personalized touches that you can take just about anywhere you want to go. Call us today to learn more about what makes us one of the best tiny home builders in the country.

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