About Us


Jerry Terry

Chief Executive Office

This is Jerry Terry, CEO of Decathlon Tiny Homes. I’m grateful for your curiosity about our company and how we came to be. After all, your experience with a Tiny Home will have a great deal to do with the reason that the company you choose are building them in the first place. Those reasons will leave impressions all over, and with the importance of detail in this product, that will have long legs.

I was an All-American Decathlete in high school and college. My life was dedicated to this 10 event test of speed, strength, endurance and focus, and so I decided to take the name Decathlon with me into my next arena.

I started Decathlon Construction on March 12th 2003. I was 24 years old, had $3,000 in my pocket, and a Hatchback Saturn to my name. I put an add in the newspaper (yea that’s right, an actual PAPER newspaper), and scraped up enough money to pay my rent less than a week before it was due….. for 6 straight months. Ramen noodles was dinner, and a Sam’s Club box of M&M’s was breakfast. I averaged 90 hour weeks. It’s an experience I’ll always carry with me.

It was a 16 year climb to the top of my industry in the Outdoor Living space. We were the best, and it wasn’t close. Something however, was a little off. While I have thousands of customers who were left with outstanding experiences, the fact that I was in the realm of the service industry meant that, even though people were happy, they didn’t have any point of comparison. They were largely thrilled, but really didn’t know how much better we were. As human beings, it’s hard to be left at the pinnacle of experience when you really don’t have the full perspective.

I went out in search of a way to deliver a truly moving experience, one that would leave a lifelong impression. I once bought a Tesla. I was very fond of saying how it was the best thing I ever purchased. Sitting in that car I could feel how much that company cared about their end user. What I needed to accomplish my goal was a product. I am a leading expert in designing small spaces. An expert at residential construction. Ruthlessly dedicated to efficiency. A team behind me of people that are at the very top of their respective construction trades. An overwhelming desire to leave a positive imprint on the world around me.

Tiny Homes.

I’m now back to working those 90 hour weeks with an invigorated drive, commitment and optimism. Why Tiny Homes? So that I can build you the best thing you ever bought.