Decathlon Tiny Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Decathlon Tiny Homes Is A Premier Builder Of Tiny Homes On Wheels

Jerry and April Terry.

We are located in Sachse, Texas. Sachse is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our address is 4900 Getha Lane, Sachse, Texas, 75048.

Yes! Decathlon Tiny Homes will deliver, level, and block your new tiny home within a 100-mile radius of the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Metroplex for No additional fee. We can also arrange delivery of your new tiny home with companies that have gained our complete trust Nationwide.

Decathlon Tiny Homes builds tiny homes on wheels that are 8′.6” wide and 24′, 28′, and 32′ in length, depending on the model.  We are considering building 10’wide in the future because of numerous requests. 

We build Decathlon Tiny Homes to recreational vehicle standards. ‘Tiny Homes On Wheels’ is a marketing term. At this time, there is not one unified industry standard that is recognized for tiny homes on wheels and each jurisdiction, bank, insurance agency, etc… could have a different definition and requirements, including size and if they are allowed as a dwelling.

Most tiny home builders are building RVs built to the NFPA 1192 Standard or the Park Model Standard, ANSI 119.5  for the ability to have them certified and registered,  to get a Vin number and title.

These standards address all safe health, life, and fire precautions.

Decathlon Tiny Homes exceeds the minimum requirements of these standards and we source the best products and materials with durability and longevity in  mind.  Our tiny homes are built to last.
To progress the tiny house industry forward, Decathlon Tiny Homes has joined the newly granted ASTM International subcommittee- Tiny Houses E06.26 that is in the process of developing new standards specific to the tiny house industry with a primary focus on tiny homes on wheels.

Jerry Terry, the. co-owner of Decathlon Tiny Homes is the technical contact for the new ASTM Tiny House On Wheels standard.

Learn More About The New ASTM Tiny House On Wheels Standard.

Yes! We work with Liberty Bank Of Utah And 21st Mortgage. You can also check with your bank or own credit union for a loan.

Yes! Both the Zeus and Poseidon models are built with stairs with safety rails for an easy access to the sleeping loft with egress windows.

We make every inch count. Ask about customizing storage for the stairs.

Yes! Both the Athena and Poseidon model have ground floor bedrooms that can fit up to a queen size mattress with custom closets and storage solutions unique to your needs.

Yes! We have got your covered. Decathlon Tiny Homes builds beautifully designed kitchens complete with many options for appliances and all your cooking needs with customizable storage solutions from pantries, storage in the stairs, pull out spice racks, shelves and more built by a master craftsman.

Ask us about the upgrade- microwave, convection oven, and air-fryer combination unit that is placed above a two burner electric cook-top that is standard in all of our models and is becoming a client favorite. This frees the space underneath for more custom cabinets.

We have an additional upgrade choice for the kitchen- a four burner, gas range oven.

A Decathlon Tiny Homes kitchen is the heart of the tiny home where meals are prepared and love and laughter lingers well after the dishes are put away, a space that you can share with those you love. We welcome you to design a kitchen that is open, bright, and inviting, where your personality and tastes shine, reflected in the color theme, backsplash choices and more!

We offer 3 models that can be customized to a certain degree. We specialize in beautiful, customized cabinets and built in storage solutions, built by a master craftsman unique to your lifestyle and needs.

We are happy to discuss this with you.

Learn More And Visit Our Products Page.

Yes!  All Decathlon Tiny Homes models come with a standard flush toilet, a 3’x 3′ shower, a vanity with a custom cabinet, and sink and a 30 gallon hot water tank.  We also can install hook ups- for a washer and dryer, and we have options for a washer/dryer combination or stack-able, washer and dryer. 

Yes, you can even have a bathtub! We also have several compost toilet options, and gorgeous bowl sinks as upgrade items.

We also offer a tankless hot water heater as an upgrade.

Lone Star Lake Rentals In Daingerfield, Texas has a beautiful 32′ Poseidon model that sleeps 4 named Darling that is available as a vacation rental and is the perfect way to try out the tiny living lifestyle before you make an investment. 

Learn More About The Darling And Lone Star Lake Rentals- So You Can Try Before You Buy.

No! Don’t Believe They Hype- You do not have to sacrifice to live tiny and Decathlon Tiny Homes strives to meet the unique need of every client and we have already developed beautiful custom storage solutions.

A perfect example is the Alexandria, a 32′ Poseidon Model that was built for a client that wanted a room with a built-in custom library to hold all his books. He reviews books and films and wanted a pleasing space for his work.  Instead of using the ground-floor bedroom to sleep in, he had this amazing room designed with two closets, and wrap around shelves that are placed seamlessy around the windows. There are so many other uses this room could be used for and you will only be limited by your imagination.

So, Yes! You  Can Keep Your Shoes!-Or Use This Room For Crafts, Collections, Tools, Or Whatever Your Heart Desires, After all- It Is Your Tiny Home!

The Alexandria also has a sleeping loft.

Decathlon Tiny Homes always strives To Go For The Gold And We Are Setting The Gold Standard For The Tiny House Industry. We source the highest quality products and materials for durability and longevity. Our homes are built to last. We have decades experience in the construction industry and we are seasoned builders in the tiny house industry and are at the forefront of progressing tiny homes on wheels as a viable housing solution. 

What Is The Decathlon Tiny Homes Gold Standard?

  • Registered Texas Manufacturer
  • Licensed Contractor
  • Master Licensed Plumbers And Electrician
  • Master HVAC Installer
  • Custom Cabinets Built By A Master Craftsman
  • No OSB/ Only Real Plywood
  • We Source The Highest Quality Products And Materials For Durability And Longevity
  • Trailer Made Trailers
  • Certified By Pacific West Tiny Homes
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Free Consultation
  • Award Winning Designs
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • We Have Seasoned Employees That Have Been With Decathlon Construction From 13 To 20 Years! 
  • We Offer Nationwide Transport And Financing
  • We Have Set Up Partnerships With Tiny Home Communities
  • We LOVE What We Do!

The Decathlon Tiny Homes Platinum Promise: A Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We are so confident in the tiny homes we build, we have extended the manufacturer’s warranty from one year which is the norm in the construction industry, to two years, our Platinum Promise To Our Clients. We Are Honored To Be Chosen As Your Tiny Home Builder.  Thank You For Your Confidence In Decathlon Tiny Homes!