Animas Mountain Vista Tiny Homes Durango, Colorado

Grand Opening June 1, 2024

We are excited to share that there is a new tiny home community scheduled to open in Durango, Colorado on June 1st, 2024 and they are taking applications. Animas Mountain Vista Tiny Homes is offering twenty long term unique lots for rent. The lots start at $700.00 a month. Rent covers the land, trash and recycling; you’ll be responsible for water, sewer, electric, and  internet if desired. The tiny home lifestyle often means lower utility bills! 

Decathlon Tiny Homes Is Partnering With Animas Mountain Vista Tiny Homes

Decathlon Tiny Homes is partnering with Animas Mountain Vista Tiny Homes and is offering one month free with the purchase of a new Decathlon Tiny Homes.

Lot Sizes And Pricing


  • Lots 1-4 fit 40 ft tiny home. 
  • Lots 5 -6  and 13-15 fit 30 ft. 
  • Lots 7-9 fit 24 ft. 
  • Lots 10-11 fit 20 ft. 
  • Lot 19-20 fit 28 ft. 
  • Lot 18 fits 36 ft.
  • Community Garden
  • Common Picnic/Gazebo Area
  • Landscaping
  • Fiber Optic Cable Internet
  • Snow Removal
  • Parking adjacent to house
  • Extra Parking



  • On the free trolley line
  • Durango’s most popular restaurants like Texas BQ, Zia Taqueria, and Durango Brewery. 
  • Local coffee shop with in .5 miles
  • Grocery Store nearby
  • Pharmacy nearby
  • Urgent care with in .5 miles

Ready to make the big move into a tiny home here in Durango? You’ve come to the right place! Check below for a current list of available lots.
Lots available:

  • Lots 1 – 16, 19 & 20 are currently available
  • Lots 17 & 18 are currently rented

Guidelines And Rules

1. Occupancy Limitations:

  • Each tiny home is designated for a specific number of occupants. The maximum occupancy must not exceed this limit.
  • Residents must inform park management of any changes in occupancy within a specified timeframe.

2. Tiny Home Specifications:

  • All tiny homes must meet size and design specifications outlined by the park management.
  • Any modifications or additions to the exterior of the tiny home must receive prior approval from park management.

3. Parking Regulations:

  • Each tiny home will be assigned a designated parking space. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only.
  • Guest parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Overnight parking for guests must be approved by park management.

4. Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Residents are responsible for maintaining their tiny homes and the surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Regular inspections may be conducted by park management to ensure compliance with maintenance standards.

5. Noise Control:

  • Quiet hours are established from 9:30PM to [8:30 amt to minimize disturbances for residents.
  • Excessive noise, including loud music and disruptive behavior, is prohibited at all times.

6. Pet Policies:

  • Pets are allowed in the park with prior approval from park management.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and ensuring they are leashed and under control at all times.
  • Aggressive breeds or pets with a history of disruptive behavior may be prohibited from the park.

7. Use of Common Areas:

  • Common areas, including Gazebo and community gardens, are for the enjoyment of all residents.
  • Residents must respect the rights of others when using these facilities and adhere to any posted rules and regulations.
  • The Gazebo may be reserved for a function by a resident up to 3 times a month per resident

8. Guest Policies:

  • Residents may have guests stay overnight for a maximum of 10 nights per month.
  • Guests must adhere to all park rules during their stay.

9. Utilities Usage:

  • Residents are responsible for paying for their own utilities, including water, electricity, and gas.
  • Conservation of resources is encouraged, and residents are expected to use utilities responsibly.

10. Safety Measures:

  • Residents must comply with all fire safety regulations and guidelines established by park management.
  • Emergency contact information must be kept up to date with park management.

11. Landscaping Guidelines:

  • Residents are responsible for maintaining their own landscaping within the designated area around their tiny home.
  • Any alterations to landscaping must be approved by park management.

12. Community Standards:

  • Residents are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and neighborly manner at all times.
  • Discriminatory, harassing, or threatening behavior will not be tolerated and may result in eviction from the park.
  • Area around Tiny Home must be kept in an orderly and cared for maner as determined by the sole judgment of management.
  • Vehicle repair can not be performed on property

13. Dispute Resolution Process:

  • Residents are encouraged to resolve conflicts with neighbors amicably whenever possible.
  • If a dispute cannot be resolved informally, residents may seek assistance from park management to mediate the issue.

14. Compliance with Local Regulations:

  • All residents must comply with local zoning laws, building codes, and other relevant regulations.
  • Park management reserves the right to enforce additional rules or regulations as necessary to ensure compliance with local laws.

15. Violation Consequences:

  • Violation of any park rules may result in warnings, fines, or eviction from the park, depending on the severity of the infraction and the discretion of park management.

Decathlon Tiny Homes Has Three Models To Choose From