Peacewind Tiny Home Community Cocoa, Florida

Peacewind Is A Legally Zoned Code- Compliant Community

Peacewind is a legally zoned and code-compliant tiny home and small cottage community. Jinkie wrote the codes and zoning five years ago and got it passed through their county in order to create this community as a legal planned urban development for permanent long-term living developed by Braveheart Properties of Brevard.
Braveheart Properties Of Brevard is a 501( c) ( 3)  nonprofit for tiny homes and affordable housing.  Peacewind is loaded with amenities from community gardens, communal areas, edible plants, kids park, dog park, lake access and also coming soon our Community Center and Pool!

There are 84 home sites and they are finalizing this development in the next few months after 8 long years.  Jinkie also has a consultant business called Tiny Casa Consulting and is a worldwide paid tiny home community consultant for many municipalities as well as individuals and investors for tiny communities across the US and overseas.

Meet Jinkie Echols The Founder

                         Jinkie is a senior advisor for Tiny House Alliance USA, a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 public charity nonprofit incorporated in the state of Washington. 



Special Offer From Decathlon Tiny Homes

Tiny Home On Wheels Need An Approval

                                                                                                         Decathlon Tiny Homes 32′ Penelope: Learn More

Tiny homes on wheels will need to be approved by the Peacewind Tiny Home Community and will require a letter from an engineer that Decathlon Tiny Homes can assist with the purchase of a Decathlon Tiny Homes. Decathlon Tiny Homes Is Offering A Special For Anyone That Buys A Lot In Peacewind And Wants To Also Buy A Tiny Home On Wheels. The tiny home will need to be approved by the community and require a letter from an engineer that they will assist with. They are featuring their award-winning Penelope which is a 32′ Athena Model for sale and will include all furnishings with the purchase of a Peacewind lot. If you want to start a new build instead, for a limited time, they will give you a $1000.00 credit to your new build with the purchase of a lot in Peacewind.