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Tiny Houses That Were Built to Last

The popularity of tiny homes is constantly surging, thanks to their low maintenance costs and energy efficiency. Decathlon Tiny Homes offers a vast portfolio of modernized yet small homes to buy, suiting different budgets. We guarantee state-of-the-art amenities to bring the comforts of a traditional home into a tiny house.

Expert Tiny Home Builders in San Diego, CA

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Our company specializes in building tiny homes in San Diego. Our invaluable experience in the field, advanced technologies, and skilled technicians guarantee high-quality tiny homes and an investment you won’t regret. We are rated among the best tiny house builders in San Diego county and beyond. Our constant pursuit of sustainable housing products has earned us a top spot in the industry, attracting multiple awards. We also offer the best tiny houses on wheels in California.

Our tiny house builders will construct your home to adequately meet your preferences, style, and budget. Every tiny house we manufacture uses structurally insulated panels to boost energy efficiency, cushioning you against exorbitant electricity bills. In addition, we provide advanced temperature-regulating technologies that ensure your home is comfortable.

A vast range of products and inventory allows you to buy a tiny house that suits your needs. We offer these homes in various sizes and with different features or amenities, meaning you can select one based on your budget. We also offer financing options that help make tiny homes for sale in San Jose and San Diego affordable for all. 

Tiny Houses For Sale Starting At $79,500

Our tiny homes for sale in San Diego start at $79,500. We offer multiple financing options, making it easier to afford a tiny house in San Diego county. Our homes have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that helps to minimize your repair and maintenance costs.

Why purchase a home from Decathlon Tiny Homes?

  • We are the best tiny house builders in the industry. 
  • Customizable options tiny homes
  • Multiple financing options
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • An extended manufacturer’s warranty

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