Are Tiny Homes Good For Retirement?

Are Tiny Homes Good For Retirement?

Tiny homes make a lot of sense for retirees who don’t need a lot of living space. They save big on costs, offer a comfortable living space, and enable you to live independently. You do need to be prepared for a major reduction in space, but if you’re finding you’re not doing a whole lot with your current house, you’ll find a tiny house that is much less burdensome. Here’s a look at the benefits of retirement in a tiny home.

Moving Closer to Family

You can find tiny home communities around the country, or you can buy a plot of land and have a builder construct one for you. For example, your family members have moved to the Arlington, TX, area and you want to be able to visit your grandkids. You can find tiny homes for sale in Arlington, TX, and live a short distance away without the need to move in with them. Another option for a tiny home is to keep your main home and buy a tiny home near your family for longer stays.

Better Than Living in a Trailer Home

Trailer homes offer more space, but their construction means they fall apart over time and require more maintenance. They can also settle and become uneven. A tiny home is built with traditional home construction techniques that provide a reliable and solid roof over your head for as long as you live there. If you’re looking for a place to live in Florida, consider looking at tiny homes for sale in Florida before looking at trailer homes in the state.

Low Maintenance Costs

The average size of a tiny home is anywhere from 250 to 600 square feet. Their square footage is similar to that of a studio apartment and is much more efficient for heat and cooling. Property taxes are much lower on this type of home as well due to their small footprint of home and land. You spend much less money to maintain a small home than you would a family home that’s 3,500 square feet.

Freedom to Travel

The money you realize from the sale of your home along with the cost savings you enjoy can be used to fund an adventurous lifestyle. Buying a tiny home in a warm weather state means you can make it your winter base and spend the rest of the year traveling to new destinations. How you travel depends on your personal needs, but you’ll have the security of a small home to return to when you want to stop moving around for a while.

Call Us at Decathlon Tiny Homes to Learn More

At Decathlon Tiny Homes, we build quality tiny homes in different sizes, designs, and interior configurations. Our homes are constructed using materials that are found in traditional home construction, ensuring that your tiny home will last for decades. We can also help you find a community for your tiny home, and we can also deliver it nationwide. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our tiny homes and what we can do for you.

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