How To Optimize Storage In Your Tiny Home

How To Optimize Storage In Your Tiny Home

Tiny home models allow you to custom-build your new house to include the number of rooms you need, along with additional features such as cabinets to make your new living environment complete. With tiny homes, there’s no doubt that affordability and simplicity are major perks, but you might still be concerned about having enough storage space. Using these tips to optimize storage in your tiny home helps you have what you need on hand without dealing with too much clutter. 

Identify the True Necessities

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle helps you to adjust faster to life in a tiny home. When you have limited space, you’re more likely to think deeply about the purpose that certain items serve in your life. Take a moment to think about whether or not you need enough dishes to serve 12 people every day or if you need multiple pairs of sneakers. If not, then you might be able to donate or sell the extras and just keep what fits in your new kitchen. 

Choose An Outswing Front Door

Tiny homes for sale in Florida often have unique features that you won’t find very often in traditional houses. Outswing front doors provide extra room indoors since the door won’t be opening in a way that causes it to sit against the wall. With this type of door, you can add more storage space to the interior of your home without interfering with your ability to come in and out. 

Use Over-the Sink Shelving

When you think about it, you probably do a great deal of your housework at the kitchen sink. Whether you need access to cleaning supplies, ingredients for cooking, or just a little whimsical decor, adding shelves over the sink keeps everything within reach and gives you some extra counter space.

Utilize Vertical Wall Space

Vertical wall space is heavily underutilized in even traditional homes. Tiny home manufacturers in North Carolina are adept at helping buyers to identify areas where they can add cabinets and shelving units to provide more space for storage. Putting cabinets and shelves over areas where you normally sit or lay down is a great way to maximize the space on your walls.

 Select Multipurpose Furniture

Selecting furniture for a tiny home gives you a chance to explore the versatility of each piece. Tables with lift-up tops give you a place to stash small items such as silverware or board games. You can also find ottomans and chairs that have storage space inside. Finding multiple places to stash items that aren’t in use means that you won’t have to deal with clutter.

Work With a Custom Designer

Do you love the concept of living a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny home but still want to make sure you have space for everything you need? Reach out to our tiny home design team today to schedule a consultation that results in a free estimate and assistance with planning for adequate storage space.

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