Tiny Lots on The Prairie

Have you ever dreamed of living on a prairie, where big sky country and wide-open spaces are the norms? Tiny Lots on the Prairie is offering you the chance to plant your Tiny Home on wheels amongst a handful of kind neighbors on a 7.5-acre property in Decatur, Texas. 

The property is made up of seven pads, staggered to form a V-shape. Worried about the prairie’s high winds? No problem, your Tiny Home on wheels will be able to use the reinforced rebar and tie-down anchors to keep your home protected. 

You’ll undoubtedly feel the community spirit here at Tiny Lots, where neighbors help each other and even get together for game nights (if that’s your thing). Owners Brett and Mindy West have created a caring atmosphere for homeowners to settle their Tiny Home on a lovely piece of their prairie land. The West’s have said that the Tiny Home movement resonated with them, and so they created the park to provide legal parking opportunities for Tiny Homes owners. 

Although Tiny Lots is set apart from the busyness of city life, it’s only 10 minutes from Decatur town square, 20 minutes to Denton, and 45 minutes from Fort Worth and DFW Airport. So if you need some city entertainment and serious shopping done, it won’t take you long. This Tiny Home community is not only a legal parking spot; it’s a place to call home, enjoy the draw of the prairie, and with easy access to activities, events, and entertainment when you need it. 

What’s on offer at Tiny Lots?

  • 10×30 concrete pads, reinforced and with anchors
  • Community clubhouse
  • Access to ATSA certified storm shelters
  • Well water
  • Septic hookup
  • 20, 30, and 50 Amp Metered electric hookup
  • Trash
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dog-friendly
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Room to garden
  • Fully fenced and gated property

Are you searching for fiery sunsets and bright, starry nights along with a high-quality Tiny Home space and welcoming community? You’ll find everything you need here at the Tiny Lots on the Prairie community. Join, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Tiny Home Community

Owning a Tiny Home is about more than just inhabiting a small house. The Tiny House Movement’s belief is about designing a life that centers on what is necessary. It’s about deciding to live with less focus on tangible possessions and having a more modest eco-footprint. 

Essentially a Tiny Home is a fully-developed, principal home that is made on a modest scale. But it is also a deliberate choice people make to live a more simplistic life. Usually, you will find Tiny Homes have ingenious ways of using their space, and innovative technology is used to create and build these Tiny Homes. 

Tiny Home communities and villages are a new part of the Tiny House Movement, and people love the idea and how it is expanding the movement. The idea behind these communities is not only about offering a place to park or settle your Tiny Home, but it is about offering a community space for like-minded people. Here Tiny Home owners can share land and skills, support one another, and provide other resources to their community. 

The desire to live a simple, community-centered lifestyle is growing. And so we see these Tiny Home communities and neighborhoods, if you will, beginning to pop up around the country. Many are in the planning phase as we speak.

Tiny Homes support the trend that’s taken hold in the USA over the past decade, the trend towards minimal living. That’s right; a Tiny Home offers a low cost of living, simplicity, and even the freedom to travel when inspired. And these Tiny Home communities are offering Tiny Home owners a permanent place to settle or vacation. 

How Decathlon Can Help

Tiny Home constructions can have wheels, or they are set on a foundation. They can also be completely off-grid if you want. You can build them yourselves, purchase a Tiny Home kit, or adapt a trailer. Tiny Homes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Decathlon Tiny Homes are built with the utmost care and the highest quality products that are built to last. As a leading expert in designing small spaces and residential construction, Decathlon is dedicated to efficiency. The Decathlon Tiny Homes team is at the very top of their respective construction trades. 

For more information, call us on 972-521-6337