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We Build Tiny Houses With Expert Craftsmanship

Tiny houses have become a popular way to reduce living expenses and spend less time maintaining your home. These structures generally cover no more than 400 square feet, yet they efficiently fit all necessary items into a small area. When you invest in a tiny home, you won’t need to cool, heat, insure, clean, or pay taxes on excess space. At Decathlon Tiny Homes, our eye for detail and commitment to quality makes us one of the top manufacturers of tiny homes in Houston! 

If you’re looking for a tiny house on wheels for sale in the Houston area, look no further than Decathlon Tiny Homes. Our well-established company strives to maximize quality while offering a wide range of models and customization options. You can rely on our expert tiny home builders to deliver attractive, efficient and long-lasting structures. We only use top-notch supplies and equipment during construction. Our mobile tiny home models give you the freedom to relocate when desired and buy or rent land as needed. We also sell tiny homes in Austin, TX and other cities throughout the region.

Purchase Your Tiny Home in Houston Today!

Decathlon offers three major models. Each model can be upgraded and personalized in several ways. The best choice varies depending on your budget, preferences, and towing capabilities.

Our tiny home models are: 

  • Athena (starts at $79,500)
  • Zeus (starts at $89,570)
  • Poseidon (starts at $112,750)

Our most affordable option is known as the Athena. Standard features include heating, cooling, a 30-gallon water heater, basic kitchen appliances and a bathroom with shower. Among other things, you can add a skylight or ceiling fan.

If you’d prefer a tiny home with a loft, consider the Zeus model. It has many of the same features as the Athena, including a luxury vinyl floor, refrigerator and washer/dryer hookup. You can upgrade it with additional appliances or high-end surface materials. Our most spacious model, the Poseidon, also provides a loft. 

It’s possible to customize the colors and styles of all three models. We offer multiple trim, roofing, siding, wall, ceiling, flooring and cabinet options. Thorough personalization and superior workmanship have helped us become the top tiny home manufacturer that serves the Houston, TX area. Our upgrades make it feasible to add more amenities than you’ll see in the average full-size house! If you’re looking for a well-made tiny home for sale in Houston, please check out our website or contact our expert tiny home builders to learn more.

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Our Mission is to go ALL IN to create an outstanding experience, using a committed, disciplined, and optimistic process that creates amazing Tiny Homes.