The Pines RV & Tiny Home Community

Looking for a long-term stay community that is more than just a gravel parking lot? The Pines RV Community is just the place. Our RV community offers its residents a home that suits a liberating lifestyle that’s beautifully designed and spacious. 

Don’t settle for a small, tiresome space to park your RV. Take a stroll amongst the towering pines and oak trees on our 18 acres and see what we have to offer. Revel in your new spacious sites with picnic tables and campfires. Set up your home amongst beautiful scenery and settle into a true community in no time, where your neighbors know who you are and look out for one another. At The Pines, we believe you’ll feel right at home and one with nature.

Did you know that more than a million Americans live full-time in RVs? It may be because of affordability, or it may be because they want to redefine how they live by choosing to travel and settle in different parts of the country each year. Whatever your reason may be, choosing the RV lifestyle community is very rewarding.

Although we’re painting a picture of nature and seclusion at The Pines, you’re still close enough to the city to get the shopping done and have some fun time out. That’s a perfect balance, don’t you think? No busy and noisy roads, but easy access to the city when you need it. That’s right, The Pines RV park is not merely a parking space; it is a destination with easy access to activities, events, and entertainment. Enjoy the great outdoors, with all the comforts of home.

What’s on offer at The Pines?

  • Shaded landscaped lots
  • Stained wooden decks
  • Shaded picnic and game areas in the Pine Grove
  • Wide roads
  • Parking for two vehicles and overflow parking
  • Free Wi-Fi hubs, electric and water
  • Shower and laundry facility
  • Pet walking area, dog-friendly
  • Large wooded lots
  • Spacious sites
  • Cookout and horseshoe pits
  • Personal gate operators for your vehicle

At The Pines, you’ll have the same sense of privacy that one feels in their own home. We offer full-time management and maintenance as a bonus; our sites won’t get run down. 

More Than Just RVs, We Have a Tiny Home Community Too!

If you’ve finally finished kitting out your Tiny Home, we have the offer of a lifetime. Bring your Tiny Home to The Pines. Here you not only have a great space with your own yard and trees but no hassle of landscaping and taxes. We’ve got you covered. 

Close to downtown Fort Worth, DFW Airport, but set out of the hustle and bustle of the big city, The Pines is an ideal spot for your RV and Tiny Home. 

Why Downscale to a Tiny Home or RV?

Owning a Tiny Home is about more than just living in a small house. The Tiny House Movement’s philosophy is about creating a life that centers on what is essential. It’s about choosing to live with less focus on material possessions and having a smaller eco-footprint. 

Essentially a Tiny Home is a fully-developed, primary home that is made on a small scale. But it is also a conscious choice people make to live a simpler life. Usually, you will find Tiny Homes have remarkably clever ways of using their space, and innovative technology is used to design and construct these Tiny Homes. 

Not only are Tiny Homes an excellent way to get out of debt, but they are a more affordable way to live as a whole. This means you’ll be saving more money than those with a bigger home, as the price of upkeep and maintenance is substantially lower. This makes a lot of sense for those heading towards retirement. 

To put the size in perspective, the average American home is about 2,600 square feet. A Tiny Home is usually under 400 square feet. That’s a big difference! These independent structures can have wheels, or they can be set on a foundation. They can also be entirely off-grid if you wish. You can build them yourselves, purchase a Tiny Home kit, or adapt a trailer. Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Looking for a Tiny Home? Decathlon Can Help

Decathlon Tiny Homes are built with the utmost care and the highest quality products that are built to last. As a leading expert in designing small spaces and residential construction, Decathlon is ruthlessly dedicated to efficiency. The Decathlon Tiny Homes team is at the very top of their respective construction trades.