Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village

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The Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is located at 204 Gotcher Avenue in Lake Dallas, Texas 75065 and is in the Lake Dallas Downtown District, just two blocks from Main Street. We’re just north of Dallas and between Denton and Lewisville. They are located on the last acre of a farm.

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First Tiny Home Village Of Its Kind

In The Lake Dallas Downtown District

A Great Quiet Place To Call Home

The Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is the first tiny home village of its kind built inside a city limits from the ground up as a tiny home village for homes on wheels utilizing the International Residential Code Appendix Q. 

They are right in the heart of the city of Lake Dallas with plenty of amenities including a library, children’s parks, tennis courts, ball fields, restaurants, an old-time hardware store, schools, churches and Lewisville Lake is just a short walk away.

While they can boast about being the first village of its kind and being in a beautiful setting in the heart of our town, this place is special because of the wonderful people who call the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village their home.