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Meet Jerry Terry: The Man Whose Tiny Houses are as Strong as his Biceps

Jerry Terry sounds like a name that one would associate with a clumsy or skinny person. A few would even assume that a man with that name would have no interest in socializing and would be found playing video games in his private bunker. But when you see the Decathlon Tiny Homes’ CEO for the first time, you realize it’s quite the opposite; Jerry Terry is a well-built man. Not only does he have strong biceps but he also has a guffawing smile. He, in fact, looks like one of those guys who would have made it into WWE and possibly squashed some mid-card wrestlers.

Phoenix Tiny House With Gourmet Kitchen Features Two Bedrooms, Walkthrough Bathroom

$112,000 Emerissa Tiny House Features Exquisite Layout Dotted With Blue Accents

Each time I break the news of a new tiny house on wheels, it sounds like I am announcing a professional wrestler. As bizarre as it may sound, there are striking parallels between the two. Both attract attention, have impressive build, and come with hefty price tags. While Wrestlemania season may be over, the tiny house fever is everlasting. To that accord, Texas-based tiny house maker Decathlon Tiny Homes has unveiled an incredible tiny house dubbed the Phoenix


Texas-based builder Decathlon Tiny Homes is driven by the goal of providing you with the best thing you’ve ever bought, and their gaggle of tiny houses does not disappoint. Mostly named after Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Athena, models by Decathlon Tiny Homes are a treat to behold. One of its largest Poseidon models, the 32-foot-long Emerissa tiny house on wheels is blessed with an exquisite layout dotted with rich blue accents. The compact mobile is built on a 32 ft. bumper pull trailer and has a 3-section roof design (gable, hip, and gable).



Lucille Tiny House is a 24ft Colorful Dwelling with Two SkylightsAdd Your Heading Text Here

Mokey Tiny House is a Cute Dwelling Boasting Colorful Exterior

There is no better mobile habitat than a simple and colorful tiny house on wheels. It not only offers a minimalistic lifestyle to the user but also prevents them from the hassle of removing clutter. One such micro dwelling I came across is the Lucille tiny house on wheels. Designed by Decathlon Tiny Homes, the micro dwelling sports compact dimensions.

Despite measuring just 24 feet long, the tiny house squeezes in some notable features, including a bathroom with vanity, two skylights, and a relatively spacious-looking kitchen and loft bedroom. Finished in wood, the tiny house is based on a double-axle trailer. Visitors enter the home into the living room, which contains a window seating offering picturesque views. The living room isn’t too spacious but can host a chair and a side table with ease. A skylight above adds an aesthetic value to the space.

Decathlon Tiny Homes, the firm behind the Lucilee tiny house, took the wraps off a new towable micro dwelling. Dubbed Mokey tiny house, the 24 feet long micro dwelling is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, courtesy of its wooden exterior and a corrugated metal roof. The mobile home is firmly poised on a double-axle trailer, and on top of that flaunts a pink, dark blue, and white finished exterior that adds a sense of charm to the structure.

The colorful exterior of the tiny home undeniably steals the limelight, but the interior is praiseworthy too. The tiny home boasts an interior layout that includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a loft bedroom. To maintain airflow in all these rooms, the tiny house is outfitted with standard windows and a glass door that allows light to enter inside and keep the interior fresh and airy.

Haltija Tiny House is a Family-Friendly Abode Capped With Skylights

Henry Tiny House Features a Functional Kitchen and Main-Level Bedroom

Texas tiny house builder Decathlon Tiny Homes has added a new model to its esteemed micro-dwelling lineup. The towable tiny dwelling is small enough to be pulled around by most 4WDs and big enough to host an entire family. Boasting a wooden cladding atop a three-axle heavy-duty trailer, the Haljita tiny house promises small-footprint living that is big on style.

Measuring 32 feet long, the Haljita tiny house is a family-friendly abode that sleeps a minimum of five people in its mail-floor bedroom and loft combined. The interior also features a gourmet kitchen, a spacious living room, a gorgeous bathroom, and loads of storage space to house essentials.

I love tiny homes that are compact yet capacious enough to host a big family. One little downside I don’t fancy though, very few manufacturers are making such homes and have gone a little rogue to catch the ‘Park Model’ trend. Nevertheless, there are still few builders who make compact dwellings with a tinge of elegance to them. One such maker is Texas-based Decathlon Tiny Homes who has unveiled the 24 feet long, Henry tiny house.

The micro dwelling is based on a double-axle trailer. It has a fairly standard but pleasant enough exterior clad in horizontal siding and is topped by a steel roof. Inside, the walls are finished in poplar and the floors look decked in vinyl. Visitors enter next to the kitchen, which has custom cabinetry, floating shelves, and overhead cabinets for storage and placing items. Not to mention, an induction cooktop, fridge/freezer, sink, and microwave. All these elements combined add functionality to the tiny home.

24ft Zeus Tiny House Boasts Chic Interiors With Eclectic Palette

La Maisonette Lavande is Decathlon’s French Kiss to Tiny House Enthusiasts

Zeus Tiny House is a creation of Decathlon Tiny Homes. The portable dwelling is 24 feet long and is built on a double-axle trailer. The exterior of Zeus is very simple yet impressive. The red-colored corrugated metal roof is inclined to both sides and the walls are made of rustic wood. The front glass door has a red frame while the windows have a yellow frame.

Inside, the kitchen of the Zeus tiny house is a mix of three colors – white, navy blue, and rustic wood. The countertop is made out of wood and has a farmhouse sink. There is plenty of storage space under the countertop where residents can store kitchen essentials, dry items, and utensils. It also has more cabinets overhead.

La Maisonette Lavande is not a usual name you would come across on the internet. However, this French moniker is garnering attention on social media nowadays. This is possible courtesy of Decathlon Tiny Homes, a Texas-based tiny house firm that has recently completed its brand new Athena model dubbed La Maisonette Lavande tiny house on wheels, which translates to ‘The Little Lavender House’ in English.

Known for their durability and longevity, the mobile homes by Decathlon Tiny Homes are of supreme quality, and La Maisonette Lavande is no different. Poised on a triple-axle trailer, the tiny house is finished in Smart Siding exterior with F-Wave roofing. Like other Athena models, La Maisonette Lavande is another testament to great design innovation featuring a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room on the main floor, and a secondary room/storage area in the loft.