Cozy Acre Tiny Home Community


Cozy Acre is the premier tiny home community that is now open in Poolville, Texas. The great thing about Poolville, Texas is that it is not a one-traffic-light town. There is no traffic light. It’s more of a one horse town. But don’t worry just a short 15 minute drive can take you to the nearest grocery store or hospital. Learn more about

Owners, April & Marvin Shockey are avid tiny home lovers and believe that bringing this new type of home to the community will be an exciting change.

As our tiny home community grows, so will we. We have plans for a general store, an outdoor pavilion, a dog park, laundry facilities, and even a car wash. For now, we are opening up our land to those who are ready to begin their tiny home life or are looking to relocate to our little piece of the “country.”



At Cozy Acre Tiny Home Community, our mission is to provide a unique tiny home community with trees and amenities to inspire and connect a community by living the tiny house way in our small country setting.

At Cozy Acre Tiny Home Community, we envision a community of 17 tiny homes all working in harmony for the betterment of everyone’s life by creating a harmonious living area to work and breathe in away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.