La Maisonette Lavande Is What Tiny House Dreams Are Made Of

Firefly Is a Lively Tiny Home With a Chic Barn Look and a Commodious Interior

We’re all different and let’s be thankful for that, to paraphrase some cheesy line from some cheesy movie you probably have seen. That means there’s no perfect one thing or another, but rather that we get enough options to choose what we deem perfect for ourselves.
That said, if there was such a thing as the perfect dream house for a girl, it would probably look a lot like La Maisonette Lavande, which translates from French as “The Little Lavender House.” It’s the cutest, most stylish, and yet full home for a new female tiny house owner. It’s also the latest design from U.S.-based builder Decathlon Tiny Homes.

The two owners of Decathlon Tiny Homes describe themselves as “the best tiny house builders in Texas,” and that may very well be accurate. They also claim to offer affordable homes on wheels for most people, and they do that through a lineup of several models, each with several variations in size and plenty of custom options.
While some people associate tiny houses with cramped spaces and a lack of comfortable amenities, manufacturers are doing their best to create compact dwellings with functional layouts and beautiful finishes that look and feel like miniature versions of traditional regular-sized homes. With designs like the Firefly tiny house, even families can enjoy tiny living without being forced to renounce the comforts of modern life.
Decked out with everything a couple or a family needs to live comfortably and more sustainably, including a full kitchen, comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to six individuals, and ample storage solutions, the Firefly tiny house on wheels is perfect for people looking to downsize and simplify their lifestyle. What’s more, it offers the perk of mobility, so you can move whenever you feel like it and take your cozy, modern living space with you.

This Is Lucille, a Tiny House With a Very Playful Vibe

Beautiful Finishes and Luxury Amenities Make This 32-Foot Tiny Home a Glamorous Abode

Downsizing might be good for the environment, but it has to be good for whoever is doing it, first and foremost. Switching from a brick-and-mortar home to a tiny house is no fun if life inside the new tiny house isn’t fun, too, right?
The Lucille is all about fun, though perhaps in a different way than you’d imagine. It’s a tiny house designed for two-person occupancy, with all the creature comforts of a standard home but working overtime to compensate for spatial constraints through playful touches.

With tiny homes, it’s standard procedure to find a “get” that would make potential customers or existing owners overlook the spatial constraints. That could be one or more unique features, or a surprise addition like a fold-down terrace or a bed that slides into a wall when you’re not sleeping in it, or off-grid features, extended autonomy, or unique styling.
Tiny houses are no longer about sacrifices. There is now more variety than ever in the tiny home market, and you can easily find models that fit just about everything you need not to be forced to compromise the comforts of modern life. Efficiently built with a functional layout and beautiful finishes, the Penelope tiny house on wheels is a great example.
Built as a high-design compact dwelling but sized like an RV, the Penelope gives owners the much-coveted freedom to go anywhere they want without renouncing comfort and style. This modern tiny house measures 32 feet (9.75 meters) in length and 8.6 feet (2.6 meters) in width, meaning it can legally be transported on roads, and it offers everything you need in a stylish and visually appealing package.

Downsizing your life is one of the simplest ways one can contribute to the protection of the environment. People who move into tiny houses tend to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and eco-friendly practices to suit their new way of living. But if you don’t mind sacrificing some room, small-space living also comes with tremendous personal benefits, such as financial freedom, reduced stress, increased mobility, and a more profound connection with nature.