Deciding to live in a tiny home is a big decision. Tiny house living is not just about adjusting to a new small space; it’s also about embracing a completely new lifestyle. Along with changing your living space, making a tiny space on wheels your home also requires a change in mindset. Often for the better! Below, we take a look at 5 things every tiny homeowner should know before taking the making the move:

5 Things Every Tiny Home Owner Should Know

  • Get Ready To Get Rid Of Possessions

Perhaps a fairly obvious one, but you won’t have room for many possessions in your new tiny home. Keep in mind that opting for a minimalist approach and decluttering can be a hugely rewarding experience. However, you don’t have to get rid of everything all at once if the task seems too overwhelming. Keep some things in storage, or ask a friend to hold onto a few things for you. That way, you can slowly donate or sell items over a year or two. Trust us; you’ll be surprised at how little you’ll need or even miss these items.

  1. You’ll Need To Be Extra Organized

With a small space comes the need for extra organization! You’ll need to edit and organize your new life accordingly. Each item will need a designated space, and you’ll need to make the most out of the storage areas you have. In a three-bedroom house, a little mess might not seem like a big deal. However, in a teeny house, you won’t be able to escape the mess and untidiness. So be sure to keep organized and pack things away after you use them, and encourage your family members to do the same. This might take some time getting used to if you’re not a naturally organized and neat person. But, before you know it, it will just happen seamlessly without you even having to think about it.

  1. Buy Multifunctional Furniture and Appliances

Once you start exploring the tiny home route, you’ll start to look at furniture and appliances in a completely different light. You will need to think about getting the maximum functionality from the smallest items possible. Think about beds that can double up as sofas, tables that can fold away, or maybe you need an all-in-one blender and juicer to save space. Why it might seem daunting, you’ll be buying fewer things, but essentially buying better. 

  1. Food Shops Will Need To Be Smarter 

With limited pantry space and a small fridge, you’ll need to pay even more attention to your family’s food consumption. Tiny house dwellers have to choose carefully when it comes to stocking your fridge and freezer because you won’t have the luxury of hanging on to a lot of food. The reduction of storage space in your pantry means you’ll need a limited amount of produce you can store (things like flour and sugar) that you would normally keep in bulk. While this may also take some time to get used to, in the end, your food bill is likely to be less, and you will reduce your family’s food waste.

  1. Consider Where You Will Park Your Tiny Home

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put your tiny home wherever the wind takes you. You’ll need to investigate permits and zoning laws in the area you want to live in. And, if you’re planning on living on the land of a friend or family member, figure out the specifics before you set up camp. For the most part, a tiny home is allowed to park in places temporarily, but you must remain on the move every two weeks or so. It might be best to find tiny home communities with their own specific zoning laws. To make sure you have up-to-date zoning information, take a look at the American Tiny House Association.

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